Samara Beach

  • Enjoy kayaking to the beutiful white sand beach!
  • The perfect activity for a honeymoon.
  • Nature`s beauty, those are dolphin in Samara beach!
  • Dolphin Sightseeing in Costa Rica!
  • Deep sea fishing i
  • See wildlife at Palo Verde National Park!
  •  Your guide will teach you the basics of how kneel, then stand up on the wide, buoyant paddle board
  • Enjoy spending time with your family and friend in a Dolphin Sightseeing and Snorkeling Tour!
  • Kayak down the enchanting Ora River!
  • It is truly amazing to observe turtles laying their eggs in the Samara area!
  • A whale surfaces for air in the Pacific Ocean
  • Mountain bike and birding tour is a beautiful way to spend your day in Samara!

Playa Samara is continuously becoming more and more popular as people begin to discover what Samara has to offer. It is a stunningly beautiful place and it is not only the nature that makes it so. It is the friendly people, the mix of cultures, and the variety of activities that makes this place special. The Intercultura Spanish Language school together with tourism have clearly captivated people's attention from all over the world, bringing them and their cultures to Samara for short and long term stays. This fusion of cultures has influenced an interesting and eclectic assortment of restaurants, art and craft galleries, music, and activities while still maintaining a positive undertone of original Costa Rica culture and lifestyle. While there are plenty of new activities that tourism has brought to Samara like Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Boarding from a North American and European influence, there will always be an undying want for the traditional Costa Rican activities like surfing, river kayaking and horseback riding on the beach. Samara is the perfect place to take part in these activities because of the beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean, rushing rivers, and lush rainforest that surrounds the beach. In the dry season it's practically always hot and sunny with blue skies and rare showers. During the other half of the year, in the rainy season, there is a good combination of sunny mornings with afternoon thunderstorms.