Puerto Viejo Limon

    Puerto Viejo is located on the South Eastern part of Costa Rica and sits on the Caribbean Ocean. If you’ve ever been to a Caribbean island before then you have had a taste of what Puerto Viejo is like.

    A part from the Afro-Caribbean culture, there is an eclectic mix of tico, indigenous, and gringo culture as well. This makes for a wonderful assortment of restaurants serving international fare. But you can’t leave this town without trying the traditional Caribbean-tico fare: coconut milk rice and beans, jerk chicken, Caribbean stew, and fresh fish.

    Puerto Viejo beaches offer crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches and killer waves. In fact, people travel from all over the world to try out Costa Rica’s largest wave – Salsa Brava.

    Walking down the main streets you can hear the sweet sound of reggae beats and see a number of rustic bamboo bars and restaurants, and locals on the street selling Rastafarian souvenirs and Bob Marley knick-knacks. At night there is a large party scene, which sometimes even carries through to the day, which is great for people who love to dance and be social. And if you are not - don’t worry - there are plenty of places to escape and enjoy some peace and solitude.

    If you walk far enough along the beach you are ought to find a private space to relax under a shady tree. You can also head to Cahuita National park, just outside of the town of Cahuita, which is a 27 mile drive from Puerto Viejo. People love walking throughout the park to see the variety of wildlife there, especially howler monkeys. You can also take snorkeling tour near the reef in the crystal clear blue waters, or take surf lessons on Playa Negra.

    Public buses to Puerto Viejo run to and from San Jose and Bocas del Toro, Panama. You may also wish to take a Desafio shuttle for a faster trip, or Desafio’s Adventure Connection, stopping half way for an adventure like white water rafting!





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