Love is in the air. Come to Costa Rica for Valentine's Day as your next epic life adventure!


It is 2018. It is the year of challenges, growth, and transformation. It should also be the year of wellness, meaningful epic adventures, and an opportunity to truly embrace our present moment.

What better way to embrace change than to truly travel to a new country and immerse yourself with new people, culture, and way of life overall?

Loving you is my epic adventure

There is no better way to fall in love with your life and the world than to go and travel to Costa Rica, and experience everything it has to offer. Many people who visit our beautiful country rave about their experiences, and there are many reasons why.

We at Desafio are experts with supporting travelers who are coming to experience this wonderful country. Our services offer a range of services, such as vacation packages, well-known adventure tours, transport, hotels, packages, etc.

Now that we are going into our second month of the 2018 year, we would like to ask:

What does Valentine’s Day Mean For You?

Perhaps “love” is the universal word that you think of when this holiday comes up. Globally this holiday may be celebrated a little differently, but what all of the countries have in common when celebrating it is when people make sure to go out of their way and show their loved ones that they are appreciated and cared for in an epic way.

When I thought of the holiday “Valentine’s Day,” I thought of gifts such as red velvet roses, decadent chocolates, and cute stuffed toys. And it is still that, yet, Valentine’s Day has gone beyond physical gift giving and also investing in new experiences. Investing in meaningful and memorable experiences provides us with the chance to see life through a different lens.

Valentine’s Day is a day that people are supposed to share the love that they have for others. Life can get busy with work amongst other responsibilities, and on this day we are supposed to go the extra mile with sharing the love that we have through creative means.

It also goes beyond two people who are dating - Valentine’s Day is now a holiday for families, best friends, couples, and even those who are single - everyone adds their own meaning to this holiday. How you spend it is up to you.

What helps a relationship become stronger? Patience, care, and effort are all a part of the love equation. A relationship can become even stronger when you spend quality time in a beautiful country like Costa Rica.

This country has its magical effects, with its vibrant nature, incredible people, delicious food, and the various activities you can do in this country. Heartfelt memories are created from adventures and risks worth taking.

We at Desafio believe that challenging activities, such as canyoning, rafting, or kayaking can help create memories of a lifetime. You can soar through the jungles of Costa Rica with ziplining, rappel down a 200 ft waterfall, or you can raft through the raging rivers through whitewater rafting. When you decide to experience Valentine’s Day with Desafio, we’ve got you covered with the pick-up to your hotel, incredible guides, and drop off at your hotel.

Traveling to Costa Rica can be an exhilarating life experience, and these are reasons why you should make it your next epic travel destination:

1) Pura Vida

Costa Rica is known for its famous saying “Pura Vida” which translates to pure life. The people you will meet in Costa Rica are said to be some of the happiest people in the world. You’ll be sure to have your heart and face smiling when you have the chance to interact with the people of Costa Rica.

Lovers by the beach during the sunset


Traveling has been proven to be good for our mental health. Have you been working hard, and is it time for you to recharge? Now is the best time to take a deep breath, take it all in, and go for an experience that will fill up your heart, body, and soul.

Coming to Costa Rica can help you strengthen your relationships because you will be rejuvenated after visiting and living the wonderful life experiences you can have here.

Traveling with our partner, family, or best friends can help improve our existing relationships. Bonding through organized adventure activities improve our feelings of being connected with one another. Traveling can also have a positive impact towards all aspect of our lives.

Disconnecting from the everyday stresses of our lives and choosing to venture out into the rainforests, beaches, and immersing yourself in a new culture is a fulfilling way to spend quality time with yourself and loved one.

In the midst of all the busyness and chasing after our goals, you deserve to take time off to see the world. Visiting Costa Rica will take you out of your daily routines and makes you see the world in a whole new perspective.

Taking action towards going on a vacation is a well deserved self-care practice.

What better way to spend your vacation than to visit Costa Rica, where you are encouraged to live a pure life? No matter how busy your life may be, it is a good reminder that life is also beautiful.

2) Culture

A line of women wearing one of the many colorful and vibrant national dresses of Costa Rica

No matter where you go in Costa Rica, every place you visit will have a different culture. It can be a town by the beach on the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Oceanside, or a city by La Fortuna by the lush green forests- every place has its own taste of culture and history to offer.

The people of Costa Rica come from all backgrounds and ethnicities. There is a multiplicity of people that make up this nation, and it is fascinating to learn more about them through interaction and immersing in the culture.

One of the most meaningful experiences you can have during your time in Costa Rica is to engage in a conversation with the locals and to find out more about their culture and lifestyle.

The people of Costa Rica will embrace youand are also eager to learn more about you, your culture, and your story as well.

3) Variety

A young girl overlooking the vibrant nature of the Costa Rican mountains

Do you like to go to the beach, hang out by the sand, or go surfing? You can be surrounded by palm trees, the mesmerizing ocean, and choose to drive 3 hours away and be surrounded by the mountains and be in a different geographical area.

You can choose to be in the capital city of San Jose, and then drive a little further and be in a new environment. It is all about choice.

What about hiking on mountain trails with its abundant lush nature and wildlife all around you? Would you rather see waterfalls and be mesmerized by its fascinating power and energy?

All of it is incredible, and you can do it all in Costa Rica. Whichever geographical area you decide to spend your time in will offer its own kind of magical experience.

4) Challenge

A photo of a group having an epic adventure while whitewater rafting at the Balsa River

Heart pumping, heart racing, adrenaline going through your veins… ARE YOU READY FOR THE TRIP YOU’RE ABOUT TO HAVE IN COSTA RICA?

Facing something bigger than yourself, such as the Sarapiqui River, could be daunting. The palm of your hands could get sweaty just thinking about it. Your knees may even shake with the thought of being in the midst of raging rivers in a different country. Our guides at Desafio will help make you feel more comfortable and safe, which is always our top priority.

With the rapid rivers and a well-trained guide to help make you feel safer, it could still feel daunting for a first timer. When you choose to take a risk and accept challenges, the experience could be both exhilarating and rewarding.  You can learn so much more about yourself and build stronger bonds with the people you are surrounded with.

Choosing to go through challenging adventures will give you the opportunity to grow and see life from a different angle.

Fuel your adrenaline with the adventure tours that Desafio has to offer.

  • Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping- rappel down huge waterfalls, jump into natural pools, zip down guided rappels, and hike through the rainforest! This is a multi-sport expedition in Canyoning in Costa Rica, and is considered to be Costa Rica’s MOST EXTREME Tour! Many have said that this is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica. Drop all of your fears and have your heart pumping with us when you rappel down a 140-ft tropical waterfall. You’ll continue to 10-30ft waterfalls, and have SERIOUS FUN.

  • Whitewater Rafting-  have you dreamt of rafting on a tropical river surrounded by thriving and colorful wildlife and plants?  Explore the Costa Rican wilderness with a whitewater rafting adventure, where you can be on a raft and go through class 1, 2, 3, and four rivers and face the waves that are bigger than you. The feeling of exhilaration, happiness, joy, and pure life is what we call the Desafio feeling. Halfway through the tour we’ll take a break, and recharge ourselves with fresh fruits such as pineapples and watermelon.

  • Stand Up Paddle- imagine Stand Up Paddling on the Lake Arenal, with its serene waters and the breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano as your backdrop. As you embark on this journey in the middle of Lake Arenal and its calm waters, you’ll be able to soak up and remember just how beautiful life really is. This is a perfect sport activity for all ages. Getting in touch with nature while you paddle through Lake Arenal is an experience you’ll never forget.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park Hike- what better way to venture out in the rainforests and mountains of Costa Rica than walking and hiking?! You will be with an awesome nature guide, and they will tell you about the history and fascinating information about the creatures of the jungle. This journey will give you a better connection with your surroundings, and be able to see Costa Rica from a whole new perspective. During the hike, you will also stop for a swim and a chance to relax on the beach.

There are many more tours and combos that you can embark upon with Desafio!

Are you and a loved-one coming to visit Costa Rica? We want your story to be a part of ours. We’re offering any of our tours as a FREE, all-inclusive package with photography, videography, and a specially produced youtube video to one lucky couple. If you’re interested write to us to apply.

Whether you travel with your loved one for Valentines Day or decide to give yourself a Valentine’s Day treat, you will surely have an adventure of a lifetime in Costa Rica. The more that you celebrate in life, the more moments that you will have to remember.

Being surrounded by the beautiful people of Costa Rica, its nature, the variety of options, and exciting challenges you decide to embark upon will undoubtedly be one of the most exceptional learning experiences one can give themselves and others as a gift.

Pura Vida!

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