A happy lesbian couple ties the knot in Costa Rica after same-sex marriage becomes legal


Costa Rica says "I Do" to Same Sex Marriage

The year 2020 will certainly be a year to remember. With the world in chaos over the pandemic, contentious politics in the US, dire forest fires on the West Coast and so much more going on, the news of Costa Rica legalizing same sex marriage back in May of 2020 just kind of came and went.

Costa Rica was one of six countries in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage and took an important step toward social equality and now recognizes lesbian and gay rights.

Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado, who defeated a conservative, evangelical presidential opponent, posted to his social networks: “Today we celebrate freedom, equality and our democratic institutions."

Costa Rica Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Costa Rica tends to be the trailblazer along many social lines. For example, it is the only Central American country without a permanent standing army after it was abolished in 1948, it provides universal health care to its citizens, education is free and is one of the most prosperous, politically and economically stable countries in the region.

Costa Rica has become known as one of the more-welcoming Central American countries to gay and lesbian travelers, and is now a great place to have a destination wedding, elopment or honeymoon for the LGBTQI community.

There are many places for couples to bask in newlywed happiness - there are beautiful places to take a romantic walk for two in a dreamy outdoor setting and to get a great shot of holding hands!

To learn more about the Marriage Requirements before you book a LGBTQI Destination Wedding in Costa Rica, we encourage you to contact us and we'll put you in touch with a Certified Destination Wedding Specialist for same-sex marriages.

Alvarado continued in a tweet about legalizing same-sex marriages in Costa Rica: "empathy and love should from now on be the guiding principles which will allow us to move forward and build a country where there is room for everyone."

There’s nothing quite as euphoric as the moment after saying “I do,” and that is exactly how we feel now that Costa Rica has legalized same-sex marriages.

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