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Client Comments

Welcome to our Client Comments section for our tours and travel services in Costa Rica.

We truly believe that what sets us apart is our high-quality tours and excellent staff. Below are some really nice things clients have said about us. We’ve also included links to the tours and services they are referring to. Enjoy…

This was one of the greatest comments we have ever received:

Hi David and Leo,

I just like to say THANK YOU again for the great service!

We enjoyed the entire trip (Transport, organization, guides, photographer, safety kayaker, and again the team work and assistance when the lady fell out of the boat and didnt want to continue the trip). Well done!

I'm looking forward to come again.

Greetings from Monte de la Cruz (Heredia) -- Jovanka

Hi Darlene,

My wife and I got back from 5 days in Costa Rica. I wanted to let you know that Albert, Eddie, and Wilson were amazing! We took a transport from the airport to Springs Resort and Spa when we landed and Eddie and Albert were both so welcoming. They stopped three different times for random, awesome things. We stopped to see random monkeys, sloths, and a local fruit stand. The guys provided us great information on Costa Rica also. 

On the way back we had Wilson and although he stated he only spoke English for 6 months he was easy to understand and incredibly nice. 

Thanks for everything and we will use you again if we get back to Costa Rica!-- Danielle and Zane Lykins

Single Traveler Finds Adventure and Easy Traveling with Desafío Adventure Connections in Costa Rica!by P.M.Ortiz

I arrived in #CostaRica with one thing on my mind… #WhiteWaterRafting ! 

I’d heard from friends about the legendary #RioToro, a class 3 and 4 river with continuous rapids that are guaranteed to thrill.  So with that, I had made up my mind that this was the river I wanted to raft!  

While in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, I learned about an #adventure outfitter that specialized in #rafting in #CostaRica called Desafio Adventure Company.  Once contacting them, I was surprised to find how easy it was to organize my trip! 

Not only did they take the time to explain about the various rivers available, but also offered to pick me up from my hostel in San Jose, take me straight to the river to do the rafting trip, provide lunch and even take me to the town of #LaFortuna, Costa Rica’s adventure capital afterwards! They call it the Desafío #AdventureConnection

This is a pretty sweet deal I thought, so “Sign me up! I said.” I made a payment via PayPal and got a confirmation about the shuttle-tour right away.

Sure enough, the Desafío van picked me up from my hostel the next day … and on time I might add!  (when traveling #CentralAmerica, you really appreciate and take notice when things are on time, since most things seem to always run a bit late, or as they say “on Latin America time”).  I quickly finished my coffee (again, I was expecting it to be late), got my bags and water shoes, and we were off. 

I was so surprised when the driver explained to me I could connect to the internet during the trip since the vans were equipped with FREE WiFi! What a bonus – I then FaceBook’d all of my friends to make them jealous about my adventures in Costa Rica.

A couple of hours of a scenic ride later, and VOILA!  We arrived at the river!

Once there, our #rafting guide José introduced himself and we joined a group of other travelers that were already there waiting for us who came from La Fortuna.  He proceeded to give a briefing, which I was very happy about since my excitement had turned to nervousness once I saw the rapids.   The one thing I remember most, “don’t let go of the t-grip of the paddle or you’ll knock people’s teeth out”!  Good advice I thought.

I was a #singletraveler, so I was grouped with four others, they seemed nice enough, but to myself I was just hoping that they’d also remember not to let go of the paddle’s “t-grip”!   We boarded our raft, practiced turning for a couple of minutes, our guide yelled out the command “forward paddle”, and we were off. 

We turned a corner and immediately after, the rapids began.  It was one after the other.  Then I heard it.  Our guide yelled out another command… this time it was “get down”, I don’t know if it’s because I remembered what the guide said in the briefing, or because I was just automatically reacting not to fall off, but I stopped paddling and pretty much threw myself inside the raft (yes, I held the t-grip!), hung on to the rope, and hoped that I wouldn’t fall out. 

Water splashed all over the raft and I’m sure that there wasn’t a dry place on anyone’s body!  WOOOO HOOOO!!!  What a ride!

We continued on, “Hang On” the guide would say, the adrenaline was pumping through me, getting more water splashed at me then probably any other time in my life and having a great time.  Until in the distance, I could see a harp turn. 

The guide slowed the raft down to remind us of another command… “Over-right / over-left”, which means that everyone who is not on the side they call out, has to stop paddling and throw their bodies to the other side.  

We nodded, and with that, “forward paddle” he said, as the rapids were getting stronger.  We were seriously getting splashed on as we continued down the river and it looked like we were going to hit a rock where the sharp turn was, then all of a sudden, he yelled out “over-right!”

Since I was on the left, I stopped paddling and did just as I remembered, and threw myself to the right side… but we must’ve hit it hard or something because next thing I know I was in the water going down river.  

Seconds seemed like minutes, but the guide wasted no time and came towards me with the raft until I was beside it.  He grabbed my lifejacket and in one smooth motion, pulled me back inside the raft.  What a glorious moment!  I thanked him, he smiled, gave me back my paddle and we were off again.  I managed to stay in the raft for the remainder of the trip, but at least I had a nice story to tell my friends back home. 

But wait, there’s more.  We got back in the shuttle, smiles glued to everyone’s faces and we continued to a restaurant that had a beautiful views of green hills in front, hummingbirds in front of us and we were served a delicious typical Costa Rican lunch.  Far better than I had anticipated! 

With my heart filled with adrenaline, and my stomach with yummy food, we were off to La Fortuna… crazy thing is, after arriving in La Fortuna, I learned that the adventure was just starting!  #Canyoneering, #Hiking, #StandUpPaddling, #Biking, #Horseriding and #Ziplining are just a few of the adventures available throughout the country and Desafio Adventure Company is THE place to experience them in Costa Rica.  

I give #Desafio two thumbs (…and a paddle;) way up! And their Adventure Connections are THE way to go!

PS. A big thank you to my river guide José for saving me! -- P.M.Ortiz

My best friend and I were in Costa Rica the week of the 5th. We did 3 adventures with your company Desafío Adventure Company. We will highly recommend you to anyone. Your drivers were safe and friendly. Your tour guides were also safe and fun. We enjoyed Hansel, Edson, Carlos, Miguel and our favorite was Jose Victor!! He was very good and we said that we had the fun raft on the Sarapiquí River. He made sure we were safe; but had many laughs. Please tell him thank you for us. -- Marlene Kincade

"I went rafting and canyoneering on a recent Costa Rica adventure with Desafio Adventure Company and those two days were the highlights of the entire holiday! Not only are your guides the best in the business (shoutout to Fabio) but the tours are well organized and the food was awesome. Take me back! " -- Layne Austin

Dear Desafio team-

I cannot tell you enough how wonderful our time was in Costa Rica. We travelled there with G adventures, and they were excellent. But our experiences with you were the icing on the cake.

River rafting with Luis, canyoneering with David - the thrills, the professionalism  and the obvious love for what they do.... I will never forget this trip and I'll definitely be back!

With appreciation and love,


We had an amazing time on our white water rafting excursion. It was actually the highlight of our trip! Jose Victor was our guide and he was great!! Really made the day exciting and fun.

Thank you!

 Tammy Dodd, July 2013


We were very happy with our whole trip that was arranged by Veronica Rockwell.  There was more to every tour than was promised and really enjoyed the 'extras' such as the amazing lunch after the rafting trip that included a demonstration of traditional activities such as sugar cane processing and tastes of liquors.  We were a little nervous booking our whole week with a company we didn't know so far away from home but we were so happy with every part of our trip. Even the private transport arranged from the airport with Francisco and then another private transport with Freddie were friendly, excellent service and willing to answer our questions on Costa Rican traditions and local info.

The hotels, food, tours were all great, thanks!  We will definitely recommend your tour company to friends and family.

Loralyn & Samuel Hariprasad, July 2013

Dear Suresh and Christine,

Betty Ann and I have now settled back into life in Northern Ontario.  I wanted to write to first THANK YOU so much for hosting us through a  series of your adventures there in La Fortuna. We were most impressed  with your operation: what you have accomplished and built is so  comprehensive, varied and well organized. Your staff are nothing  short of fabulous.  They went out of their way to make people feel  comfortable.

We saw a great respect from you to your employees. You have supported the community by  training and hiring local people to develop new skills and work in an area that they want to. You have altered the entire community for the better.  Personally, we felt  that Desafio was one of the best examples of community economic  development  we saw in Costa Rica.



Wild Women Expediitons

Hi Marielos and everyone at Desafio,

Sally and I had a great Arenal and Costa Rica trip in June -- and Desafio made it all possible.

Please share our thank you with everyone at your great company.

You scheduled all our activities, suggested the Hotel where we stayed, and Desafio provided all the transportation, trips and guides while we were in Costa Rica.

We're very glad we found you because everything about the trip was wonderful. We had many fantastic experiences on Desafio's many great trips and activities.

We've already told others how wonderful you are, and look forward to giving you glowing recommendations for years to come.

Thank you again, and all the best of luck on your continued success,

Dan & Sally
July 2010

Pure Adrenaline

“We had a great trip. I hope to be back to Costa Rica soon!”  Dori Barone, 26 July 2008.

Lava, Beach and Jungle

“It was one of the best vacations we ever had. We are very happy, We booked our tour with Desafio.” Cheryl and Sean Crain, 31 August 2008.

Costa Rica Whitewater Rafting Rio Toro - Desafio Adventure Company

“Absolute fantastic guide. Wonderful tour. Highly recommendable. Thanks.” Lynn Marie Pepin, 7 December 2008.

“Our guide was terrific, funny, friendly and personable. In fact the whole crew made the experience just wonderful. Thank you for the wonderful food. Keep up the good work. I will tell my friends to use Desafio if they are ever in Costa Rica!!!”  Lor Caleinardi, 13 November 2008.

Costa Rica Whitewater Rafting Río Balsa - Desafio Adventure Company

“Marvin was excellent and worked very hard to give us a great adventure! He taught us some Spanish too. Carlos ε team did a fabulous job. No complaints would highly recommend Marvin + others again”. Tracy Perusse, 29 December 2008.

“Amazing guide, Very helpful and knowledgeable. Loved the experience.” Ana Anghelache, 7 December 2008

“Carlos and Jerry were GREAT! Best rafting trip ever. Thank you!” Michael Cohen, 31 December 2008

Costa Rica Canyoneering - Desafio Adventure Company Lost Canyon Adventures

“Fantastic tour, excellent guides! Thank you for being so calm and professional. It’s been a little bit scary for me but absolutely worth it. Thank you again for that great adventure! You’re really great!”. Larysa, 28 December 2008.

“Best guides in the world! We had the most awesome time ever! Best part of our trip was this tour!”. Kim and David Jones, 5 January 2009.

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano Hike - Desafio Adventure Company

“Excellent knowledge of the history of Arenal. Great tour with very well guide and explained adventure through the rainforest.” Sneha Basappa. 31 December 2008.

“The Animals were awesome, volcano amazing, guide very friendly and energetic. I’m definitely leaving with good stories.” Elsbeth Lumluy. 31 December 2008.

Costa Rica Mountain Biking – Desafio Adventure Company

“This Mt biking is very beautiful and guides are nice.” Stephanie. 28 December.

“Everything was great. The best thing about the tour is that I was really challenged and I went further on the Mnt Bike than I ever would have on my own. Prior to leaving Andre took the time to explain the theory of how to bike which way great for me because I have ridden a bike before, but not with much skill.

Andre way also careful to plan the trip a the appropriate level for the participants. I was quite slow a times and he did not make me feel like I was holding back the group.

He is one of the best guides. I have had a many trips and I will tell people to come to Desafio and ask for Andre.” Dena Singletoo. 8 January 2009.

This comment comes from the owner of one of our favorite hotels in the Arenal Volcano area called Arenal Green. We like working with and recommending hotels that provide great service

Buenos Días Chistine.   

Aprovecho la oportunidad para reiterarle una vez más mi reconocimiento por la calidad y responsabilidad demostrada por su compañía en los tours de aventura que realiza, asimismo, el aporte social en comunidades aledañas.
Empresas como la suya aumentan la imagen de nuestro país, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, la felicito y le deseo más éxitos en el futuro.  Para ARENAL GREEN es un placer y orgullo saber que nuestros turistas son atendidos con el profesionalismo, eficiencia y calidez humana, que caracteriza su personal.  Saludos para usted y su esposo 

German López Villalobos



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